Aesthetic medicine for men – a selection of treatments

Aesthetic medicine for men – a selection of treatments. Although women still dominate among clients of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinics, more and more attention is also paid to men’s needs. Gentlemen are more and more sensitive to the passage of time and want to look fresh at any age. This is an important issue especially when performing prestigious professions, where presence is as important as competence. Treatments appreciated by men bring quick results and allow for a quick return to official duties.

Dark circles under the eyes, drooping eyelids? Choose aesthetic medicine

Many men complain of drooping eyelids and dark circles under their eyes that give their faces a tired look. This type of problem adds years and makes a person Many of them can avoid surgical procedure, replacing it with less invasive procedures. Shrinking excess skin on the eyelids is possible thanks to the firming procedures for the delicate skin of the eyelids.

The effect is easiest to achieve with the help of laser therapy or the use of radio waves. Many surgeries are equipped with such equipment, so patients have a lot of options when choosing the place of surgery. Aesthetic medicine is not as expensive as it was a few years ago – the average Kowalski cannot afford it. No wonder that fighting time is simpler and more enjoyable.

A dynamic development of aesthetic medicine for men

Aesthetic medicine is an extremely developed field of medicine whose evolution is visible from year to year. Treatments are better developed, thanks to which the skin can be protected from external factors and processes even more effectively. A good specialist in aesthetic medicine can offer his patients a package of treatments that will be fully tailored to the individual needs of a specific person. This is especially important when performing treatments for men whose skin has completely different needs than the skin of the fair sex. If you’re going to a specialist in aesthetic medicine, make sure that the specialist you choose knows your stuff. Before performing the procedure, a medical consultation is recommended, during which you will be able to verify the qualifications of the doctor and discuss the course of the planned procedure with him.

Treatments especially recommended for men

The procedures that are recommended for men depend mainly on what problem a particular person is facing. In many cases, men complain of transverse forehead wrinkles. Wrinkle removal is carried out with the help of botulinum toxin, used to smooth the forehead for years. It is important to use it in moderation – thanks to the right amount of the preparation, the appearance will be improved and the face will become more cheerful. Men often use hyaluronic acid under the eyes – thanks to its moisturizing properties, the eye area gains freshness and a younger look.